The Developer's Guide to WordPress

WordPress has evolved beyond its humble beginnings as a blogging platform and fully into the arena of Content Management Systems. What sets WordPress apart is its elegant administrative interface, rich ecosystem of plugins and themes, and ease of extending.

This book will describe how WordPress works and how to successfully extend it.


  1.   Introduction
  2.   Fundamentals
  3.   Getting Started


  1.   How Themes Work
  2.   A Close Reading of Twenty Ten
  3.   Rolling Your Own
  4.   Theming Best Practices


  1.   How Plugins Work
  2.   Commonly Used Plugins
  3.   Writing Your Own Plugins
  4.   Plugin Best Practices

Advanced Topics

  1.   Custom Post Types
  2.   Custom Taxonomies
  3.   Short Codes and Other Strategies
  4.   Optimal Hosting


  1.   Bibliography

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