The Design and Organization of Data Centers/Documentation


Neatness begets neatness.

Use a label maker. It means your labels look neat, uniform, and are easy to read.

Label front and back of machine with name, IP address, & MAC Address. This means you are less likely to pull the wrong cable or shut down the wrong machine.

Label multiple NICS on a single machine.

Document VLANs on switches to allow installation without a network engineer.

Organizing your documentationEdit

Keep documentation where it is needed.

Make sure it is easy to update.

Self adhesive vinyl pockets - great for walls and cabinets

Folder pockets - great for three ring binders

Consider a wiki or FAQ-o-matic, but have paper backups printed regularly.

Understanding of a problem leads to quicker resolution. Documentation can be part of that.

List of documentation to haveEdit

  • Phone lists - near phones
    • Company phone list
    • Tech support phone list with contact numbers
    • Loading dock height/ doorway dimensions
  • Computer and network documents
    • Network Diagram
    • Start up/Shut down directions
    • machine instructions
  • Mechanical
    • buttons/switches labeled by contractor
    • Equipment maintenance schedules - air conditioning
    • Start up/Shut down directions
    • Permits posted securely