The Design and Organization of Data Centers/Contractors

Finding possible contractorsEdit

Landlord may do some physical work. Remember to deal with lease issues.

Look for contractors experienced in data center construction.

Get references, check them using a reference call checklist

Getting quality quotesEdit

Get a minimum of three quotes.Some will completely ignore what you say is important.

Write up quote specifications in detail. This allows you to send the same information to multiple vendors, and compare the quotes fairly, as well as hold vendors to what you want done in the future.

Suggested quote requirements and specifications:

  • Break down costs into line items which allows for easier

cost analysis and comparison between quotes.

  • Three similar project references.
  • Completion dates based on date of signed PO.
  • Level of documentation to be delivered.
  • A thorough cleaning. You don't want dust in your computers and causing false fire alarms.
  • Commentary and explanation on why their solution is the

best solution.

Common problemsEdit

Watch out for bait and switch. Find out if the contractor or project manager that comes in and does the quoting will be the one actually working on the job.

For town permits, use one and only one point of contact, as this can get quite confusing and is critical in the final stages.

Always get quotes for jobs over a certain level, say, $10,000. This can save money and keep your favorite contractors quotes low.

Coordinate between your contractors. When installing a drop-ceiling in combination with a gas fire suppression system, make sure that the tile retaining clips are put into place AFTER any wiring has been done in the ceiling, as security and phone wires may be run up there.

Contractors won't do all your work. Consider having an assistant to do gopher and grunt work such as building furniture.

Remember, time used to get the quote adds on to the final completion date.