The Computer Revolution/What Is Phishing

Phishing is sending an e-mail that legitimately to be from an organization or (bank, PayPal, eBay…) but is indeed from a fake a phisher. This e-mail activity is to try to receive private personnel information such as log in passwords bank account information and so on. These e-mails will sometimes have links in them to click on and bring you to a seemingly legitimate web site. Instead of an official web site you are actually being brought to the phishers web site. This is referred to as web site spoofing. To get the victim to click on the link is usually done by saying something to the effect of their accounts needs to be updated. Many individuals can become prey to this type of e-mail. To stay protected from this type of activity it is important to be aware of any e-mail stating that they are from a certain company. It’s best to be safe and check with the company by phone rather than click through a web site link in an e-mail. It’s also important to find the phone number of the company in a different place other than the e-mail you just received. These are just a few tips to help keep your information safe.



  1. Understanding Computers Today and Tomorrow Deborah Morley and Charles S. Parker