The Computer Revolution/Software/OS/Windows 8

Windows 8Edit

Windows 8 is the newest operating system for PC that is developed by Microsoft. Its release date is scheduled for October 26th, 2012. Some of the changes to the older OS include a new-look start menu, new password-protection methods, and a brand new Family Safety feature. The use of Windows 8 is available to desktops, televisions, laptops, and tablets. With a new OS comes new software applications, such as Internet Explorer 10 is which is said to run only Windows 8. In addition to Internet Explorer 10 being included, the OS will also include a built-in antivirus program. Also coming soon with Windows 8 is the Windows Store. Windows Store is an improvement of the older Windows Marketplace and it contains apps and software that you can purchase and download straight to your computer. It also looks like Windows 8 is going to include cloud integration and synchronization so you can have access to all of your files from different PCs. [1] Good news for parents. In addition of having integrated security software, Windows 8 comes with an optional app called Microsoft Family Safety. The software lets you set up accounts for your children. It monitors your child’s online activities, provides information on what they are doing as well as who they are communicating with. With Family Safety you can set up Web filtering, app restrictions, time limits, etc. A fresh desktop is another great feature of Windows 8. Small, static icons are replaced with big, beautiful tiles. Start screen of Windows 8 contains all the information and programs you care about, you just need to click on the appropriate tile to lunch it. Microsoft’s new operating system also provides a “real time” updates of your info and photos, therefore you can see how many new e-mails you are receiving, the latest pictures uploaded to Facebook and much more.

Source: Marc Saltzman, “Tech Connection”.

⇒Windows 8 Tablet.⇐

Microsoft has recently released the new Windows 8 Tablet. It is equipped with the most advanced Microsoft Software. This tablet is touchscreen, though there is an option of attaching a special keyboard for the "laptop feel," for those who are more comfortable with an actual keyboard. The setup of the home screen is more advanced than the previous Windows Software. It is made up of rectangular shapes, each representing a different program or application. There is also an option of rearranging the applications and categorizing them in the order that you prefer. Not only does it provide you with a lot of features, but also free applications that you may download. If the new "start" window is too confusing, you have the option of switching it to the original desktop look, which will make it easier for you to maneuver.

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