The Computer Revolution/Security/The Evil Twin Attack

What is Evil Twin Attack?Edit

It is an unsecured wireless network attack, which allows hackers to steal your personal information.

How the Evil Twin Attack worksEdit

For instance, let's say you arrive at your destination and you need to access the internet to check if your pay check has been processed into your account. You open your laptop and sign on to the internet not knowing that the access point is the one of the hackers. Initially you type the address of your bank website. Everything is going smoothly, and you believe that you have entered a secure website. You enter in your bank card number and your password, not realizing that the website that you are using is a fake website, which resembles the official bank website. The only difference between the websites is that the fake one is unencrypted(its open for hackers to see your secure information). This way somebody else is stealing your information without your knowledge. Hackers create an access point on any network and by doing so they are able to track your every move, they can even read your mail with you.

How to protect yourself from an Evil Twin AttackEdit

  • Check your wireless internet setting to ensure that you are logged onto a secured connection.
  • Ensure your pop-up protection for adware is enabled.
  • When using credit cards designate one credit card for internet purposes, with a low limit.
  • Do not use public wireless connections when conducting private business.