The Computer Revolution/Security/Cyber Villains

Cyber villains are people who abuse the power that they're given whether it's over the internet or through a network that allows them to hack and either steal or change information from the original source. Some hack into systems just for fun while others do it to point out how dangerously flawed a security system is. Some say that the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is a cyber villain for releasing U.S government classified documents to the public. He is declared as an enemy of the state by the U.S Department of Defense for releasing military documents.

Another example of cyber villainy is the group Anonymous, as seen below.


Anonymous Hacker Turned SnitchEdit

One of the hackers of the group Anonymous, Hector Xavier Monsegur, told the names of 5 of his fellow hackers to the FBI after being charged for computer hacking and conspiracy. Anonymous has claimed responsibility for attacks against Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Fox, and the FBI. The group has several slogans but two of the most well-known are:

"The world's Internet hackers and Fighters for Internet Freedom"

“We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We are the 99%, We never Forgive, We never Forget, We are Justice, We are Internet Freedom Fighters, Expect us.”

The arrests, however, appear to not have deterred the other members of the structure less group. Anonymous claimed credit the next day for a cyber-attack on the Vatican's web site.

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