The Computer Revolution/Properly Dispose of Hardware Containing Data

Properly Dispose of Hardware Containing DataEdit

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Protecting the privacy of personal information is very important for both individuals and businesses. Information that individuals and businesses can include tax returns, and passwords for personal websites or social websites, sometimes can include, personal videos pictures, or even music.One key way of doing this is protecting the information located on paper documents and hardware (such as backup media, used CDs, obsolete computers, and mobile phones) that you will be disposing. Papers, CDs, DVDs, and other media containing sensitive data should be shredded. Hard drives should be wiped with special disk-wiping or disk-erasing software before being sold or recycled. Data that has been erased or reformatted can still be recovered so it is best to properly wipe the drive. Physically destroying all of these hardwares is also good so there is no way of getting the important data back and data destruction services are available. Many companies and business do that so no thief or rival can get a hold of their data. Although you can wipe of your hard drive, sometimes be recovered, but many find difficult to do so. By breaking your hard drive, disks, or CD's with a hammer, it is a safer way to do so. Some companies even melt their information and throw it in a fire. A movie i have recently watched "Argo", showed of a U.S base, destroying their files a perfect example of properly disposing their data, informations and hard drives with fire, so the country they were in would not get a hold of their data.

fire used to burn hard copies, or melt hard drives
Paper Shredder

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