The Computer Revolution/Peripherals/Speakers

Speakers have evolved since they were added into computers. I don't even think the first computer had a sound system. Eventually a small speaker was installed for the annoying beeps. Then the speaker spoke to tell you when something wasn't connected properly. With the invention of the sound card we were given speakers as an output device. When I got my speakers I thought it was going to be difficult to install them, but I proved myself wrong, it's practically "sound" proof. For most speakers you just connect the cords into the output jacks of your sound card. If you went for the big set (like I did) then you will find yourself with about 5 speakers and a subwoofer. I'll all connecting cords into the color coordinated output jacks in the subwoofer. Then the one big subwoofer connecting cord will split into 3 cords, which go into the colour coordinated jacks of your sound card. If you try this and it still doesn't work try plugging in the subwoofer for some power. Now your ready to sit in front of your PC for hours on end. Enjoy!

Types of SpeakersEdit

Speakers Built Into Computer Monitor and Laptop

Laptop with speakers built in.

Some computer speakers come already built into a monitor and all laptops come with speakers built directly into the device. Nowadays nearly all towers can be hooked up to a modern flat screen tv and all the tvs come with speakers built in so it is unnecessary to purchase separate speakers unless an upgrade in sound quality is desired. Most of the speakers that come built in to tv screens and laptops are usually not very big or powerful so many people that use their computers to listen to music will upgrade their speakers by purchasing them separately and hooking them up directly to their tower or laptop.

Stand Alone Computer Speakers

Logitech computer speakers with a USB connection.

Computer Speakers are the most common type of audio output device. Computer speakers are connected to a computer to provide audio output for things such as computer games, music, TV shows, YouTube videos and more. Some speakers available come in a simple pair, while others come in a entire system with additional speakers and a subwoofer for better sound.


Headphones can also be used as audio output in place of computer speakers. The advantage of using headphones as speakers for your computer or laptop is so the audio output does not disturb others. This allows a person to listen to music and videos in publics places such as Starbucks, or quite places such as the library.

Radio DJ uses headphones on computer to hear his music.