The Computer Revolution/Peripherals/3D Scanners


3D scanner can scan a three dimensional object into the computer. It create a real- world object which can used many ways such as industrial design, prototyping, movies and video games. There are many kinds of 3D scaners.scaners. 3D scanner can be fast and easy way to create 3D objects.

Types of 3D scannersEdit

There are two types of 3D scanners that will be introduced now, contact and non-contact. As well, non-contact can be divided into active scanners and passive scanners. Let's look more information about the types of 3D scanners.


By physical touching, contact 3D works well. For instance, CMM is a contact 3D scanner. One of the disadvantages of CMM is that it requires contact, and this object is being scanned while people use it. Another disadvantage is that the function of CMM is slower than other kind of scanner


Some radiation are emitted by Active scanners, such as light, ultrasound or x-ray.


Passive scanners do not emit any radiation. As well, passive scanners do not need any particular hardware, so it is normally cheap.

Desktop 3D ScannerEdit

Before the most flexible 3D scanners developed, there is one cyberware's Desktop scanner which called model 15 shows up. It allows you to catch the shape well and get the many kinds of objects. This small system suits easily on a desktop. Being a highly integrated Model 15 provide all the 3D scanning resources that people need, however, it only costs you a small amoumt of money.

The features of the Desktop 3D scanners

  • scanning unit
  • motion subsystem
  • software - in an integrated format

With a little bit extra of a graphics workstation, everything are included, and it makes fast, high-quality scans.


By creating digital 3D models, 3D scanners can be used to make movies and video games


3D scanners were provided by many measurement systems. Most scanners perform either an open data format for x,y,z coodinate data and save that in an ASCII file.

When you buy a measurement system, you have to consider accuracyk volume, speed, and color. Furthermore, you have to consider your specific application, the size of your project, and the distance of the object from which you will be collection data.