The Computer Revolution/Open Source Software

Open source software is created with the intention of making the source code public for it to be changed or improved upon by people or businesses. Open source software is allowed to call itself open source if it has a copyright, but the people must be able to change the coding, but those changes must be shared with the community and the original copyright notice can not be changed. The concept behind open source is the belief that information of software should be shared freely in order to benefit everybody. A couple of foundations behind the open source movement and creators of open source software and content are the Mozilla Foundation, Linux Foundation, Wikimedia Foundation, Linux Foundation, Open Source Initiative, Creative Commons, Python Software Foundation, and Apache Software Foundation.

Open Source Program


Web browser - Mozilla Firefox

Image editing – GIMP

Vector image editing - Inkscape

File compression – 7-Zip

Media player – VLC

Audio editing - Audacity

Internet currency – Bitcoin

Operating system - Linux

File-Transfer-Protocol server/client – Filezilla

Server – XAMPP

Network scanner - Angry IP Scanner

Open Source Software

Open Office Screen

OpenOffice is a software suite that can be used as an alternative to Microsoft Office. OpenOffice programs a very similar to MS office they just have different names. OpenOffice provides six different programs: Writer- which is a word processing program where you can compose documents. Calc which is a spreadsheet where you can analyse reports. Impress- where you can create multimedia presentations Draw- which lets you produce 3D illustrations. Base- which is a database where you can create different reports, tables and queries Math- where you can create mathematical formulas. OpenOffice is free for download and free of any license fees and anyone can use OpenOffice for any purpose.


Open Source Software Distribution WebsitesEdit [2]

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