The Computer Revolution/Networks/Social Networks

Social networking is a phenomenon not relating to computers specifically, but made entirely possible by the likes of them. A social network is a way to stay connected to other people from anywhere in the world at all times over the internet. Social networking platforms vary by your preference of communication. Some of the more popular social networking platforms include Twitter, which requires the messages its users broadcast to their networks to be under a certain(small) character limit; Myspace, which has adapted a more music-entwined approach to capture a certain demographic; Facebook, the successor of Myspace as the most popular and massive network; and internet monolith Google's G+ platform(a Facebook competitor focusing on dividing your network into specific groups). All of the major networks are accessible from various sources such as a smartphone, a computer, even some TV's.

How a social network is connected

In addition to that Social Networking Sites are used to communicating with existing friends or making new friends, it also allows you to post photos, videos, music and other contents for friends. Furthermore, chatting with friends who are online is also possible through Social Networking Sites. On the other hand, today Social Networking Sites are even used as business marketing tool, by the help of which businesses, political candidates, emerging musicians, and other professionals or professional organizations make their presence online. Even, Social Networking Sites are designed for business networking which can in fact help to develop a business. LinkedIn is one of the Social Networking Sites used to for recruiting employees, finding new jobs, and building professional networks and other business related activities. Hence, today whole world is joining these Social Networking Sites with the help of which they can stay connected to friends or relatives residing in any corner of the world. Among all the Social Networking Sites Facebook has highest number of users today.

Security risks associated with social networkingEdit


Nowadays, nearly everyone has access to an ever-popular Facebook or Twitter account. Social networking makes it easy to post personal information to the web. Whether it be as little as posting a family picture or as much as posting a home address, any and all information must be posted with caution. One of the most simply (yet tricky for some) is to simply avoid adding too many personal details about yourself on the web.

Here are a few thoughtful links of security risks on social networks: