The Computer Revolution/Networks/Short Range Wireless for Automation Networks

Home Automation Networks is what connects everything around a house. It connects them through switches and senors. It used a narrowband wireless technology which can operate between 100-250 feet. It is low powered and receives data slowly as compared to Personal Area Networks. it receives about 13.1-238 kilobits pers second. There are 3 current standards. They are Insteon, ZigBee and Z-Wave. These are referred to as "mesh technologies". Mesh Techonologies are networked devices with two way radios so that they can communicate with each other with more than just the controller. It is the central command for the network. Insteon is a standard that incorporates wireless technology in with a electric power line. This is capable of sending up to 13.1 kilobits at a range of 150 feet. As the CEO describes, "drive up to your house, the garage door device recognizes yor car, and open to let you in. The lights come on and your favorite radio station starts playing." Insteon has replaced a older automation technology that was known as X10. ZigBee does not incorporate electric power lines into its technology therefore it is all wireless. ZigBee is very efficient, it can send up to 128 kilobits at a range of 250 feet. It is expected to be seen every from smoke detectors in your house to medical sensing devices. The best part is that it can function for a long time, on inexpensive batteries. Z-Wave also consists solely of wireless technology which is power efficient. It can send about 127 kilobits per second to a range of 100 feet. When you compare you would notice that Z-Wave and Insteon are very much similar. The only difference is that Insteon used electric power cables and Z-Wave doesn't.