The Computer Revolution/MIS/DSS

DSS Decision Support SystemEdit

A computer based information system that provides a flexible tool for an analysis and helps managers focus on the future. It takes all kinds of data from all different places and gathers it in a way that humans can understand it.

Features Inputs or Outputs- input includes internal data, ie- prossed transaction data. Output are demand reports on which a top manager can make a dicision about problems.

Tactical Managers- used to assist tactical level manager in making tactical decisions.

Produces Analytic models- this is a key attribut to the DSS as it uses models.


Dss are developed to support the types of decision faces by managers in specific indistries, ie- airline and real estate. American Airlines produced a DSS that helps to decide how much to over book and how to set prices for each seat so that a plane is filled and profits are maximized.

DSS Applications DevelopmentEdit

About 1980, people started the activities that related to expanding DSS applications. Those actions expanded the decision support systems which beyond the management and business application domain. These diverse systems called Decision Support Systems(DSS). During those days, people recognized that DSS could be used to support decision-makers at any level and in an organization. As well, it could support operations decision making, strategic decision-making and financial management.