The Computer Revolution/Hardware/Sound cards

This article will discuss what a sound card is; and what it enables people to do with computers. The sound card is the piece of hardware that plugs directly into the mother board. These days, with the more advanced systems, most sound cards are directly built into the mother board. The sound card is what the speakers and Microphones plug into on the back of the actual computer. They enable audio files to be transferred from the computer to the speakers as actual sound. Als0, they enable users to record sounds on the computer and save the. Before having these sounds cards, computers were only able to makes one sound; the beeping sound. The volume on this sound was not adjustable at all; but the frequency was.

Sound cards enable computers to produce high quality 3-D sound as well as surround sound. What is this useful for? You will find out in this paragraph. Having a computer that can play sounds can be useful in many different aspects; DVDs, Audio files like speeches, games, and many other things like alerts and so on. Because of the high quality sound cards, computers can now play DVD movies with very good quality with the help of a good video card as well. Also, games can seem so real these days because of the high quality sounds that are integrated into them. This can never be done without a sound card.