The Computer Revolution/Hardware/Servers


All the stuff we do on the Internet is run by a server. All the pages we download, gaming we do, surfing we do, emails we write, libraries we enter, all is done by a server. It is a very important asset to today’s computer world. How it works is pretty simple. When a individual requests a page, their computer requests a page from a server where that web address is located and the server sends the page requested. It is a language that computers talk. When we request a page, that web address is translated into IP address which uses it to connect to specific server. There is also many types of servers; application server, data server, web server, fax server etc. Each server is designed to perform its specific part in the computer world. Potentially any computer can be a server; it just needs to have enough hard-drive space, and fast enough processor to handle the information flow within other computers in network. Most of computer manufacturers sell, and design computers that act as servers. Although for a personal computer, or if you are only using a few computers, and all of them are capable of storing the files, and accessing the programs they need on their own you may not need to buy an additional server for your network. However, large companies with hundreds of computers may need more than one server for the same function. It all comes down to the function the server is meant to fulfill. Also, keep in mind that, because of the great amount of information that servers carry, and distribute, they might be at serious security risks. Therefore, you should always install antivirus protection, and make sure that unauthorized personnel do not have an access to it.

Servers are the reason we have many things to find unique regarding computers. They allow Internet access, software changes, printers, and databases which gives a chance to show so many unrealistic ways of spreading information and knowledge to amateurs. Servers can be divided into different formations in which it completes a different task. Some of these are printer servers, database server, file server, and web servers. As we all know servers have different names to separate them from others because servers are so unique they can be used for anything if joined with a computer. Blade servers are top dogs when it comes to servers because they can hold up to 9 servers running at once, which allows great business use for companies and schools.