The Computer Revolution/Hardware/Price


The price of computers is a very interesting subject, its just like any technology the newest model out is always the most expensive and once you have purchased this model the next model has already come out out with newer and better technology. A model that you could have bought in 2000 for $5000 (laptop) could now easily be worth as little as a couple hundred dollars! This goes for the same thing with desk tops and other computer types. It seems as soon as you have bought your computer and unpacked it another one is on the market "bigger and Better", there is no way to beat the computer market for prices. If you were to buy a brand new computer today for $3500 which is a decent price, then by next week the price would have dropped and a newer and better model is out. The best bet to do when purchasing a computer would be to go to a "Computer Depot" where prices are substantially lower and although your computer might not be the newest out there you won't be paying the newest price.

Modularity and upgradesEdit

A computer offers a wide variety of areas that are upgradeable, for an individual’s interests. A computer can be upgraded from a regular CRT screen to a LCD HD screen, or for advanced computer enthusiast. The essentials workings of a computer such as the hard drive and processors can be changed out and upgraded to better performing models. Computer upgrades have developed over the past twenty years and have generated multi billion dollar industries. The age range of computer enthusiasts may be from ten to anywhere in a persons late forties and fifties. Factors which influence the desire for certain grades relates to what area a person desires to centralize their computer around. As an example: a person who desires better graphics and superior visual and audio quality will most likely look into purchasing a sound card and video card, For other individuals seeking a computer capable of holding more information and processing power. The likely choice for an upgrade would be larger hard drive and new processor. Some corporations which have benefited off this trend are companies such as ATI, NVIDIA, and Compaq.