The Computer Revolution/Hardware/Cache

Cache is pronounced like the word cash. It is an area of memory which is of high speed. The computer uses this memory to store often used data. The purpose of storing certain data in cache memory is to speed up the usage process of the data stored on this memory. In modern computers, the cache memory is stored between the processor and DRAM; this is called Level 2 cache. On the other hand, Level 1 cache is internal memory caches which are stored directly on the processor. Data and commands that are often used over and over again for programs are mainly what the computer stores in the cache memory. There are mainly two types of caching; memory cache, and disk cache. Memory cache is a part of the memory that is made of high speed. The space on the memory cache is very limited. It is high speed because it is static RAM instead of dynamic RAM. This is called memory cache.

There is also disk cache; having the same idea as memory cache; it is stored in the conventional main memory of the disk. This is called a memory buffer. The data that is most commonly accessed on the disk is what is stored in the buffer. Cache memory is very useful because it saves the computer user a lot of time in opening common data and giving common commands. Cache memory is very convenient because opening data in cache is dramatically faster than opening data on the main hard disk.

The Internet browser has another form of cache, which is sent to the temporary cache in the hard drive. Clearing up your Internet Brower cache, or also known as “Temporary files”, will help improve your Internet speed. Internet files clog up your cache on the Internet browser. This may cause your Internet browser’s performance to react slow and lag when loading files or loading different web pages.

Another important reason to clear your Internet cache is for privacy and security. When people use different computers they may become vulnerable in becoming victims of fraud, or identity theft. That is why it is important to clear the Internet browser’s cache after using a computer. Depending on which Internet browser is used, there are different ways of deleting the cache in the Internet brower.