The Computer Revolution/Entertainment/Video players

Video is the constant stream of visual information. When a video is recorded, it is broken down into separate frames. Frames are projected at a rate of about 30 frames per second to keep the video looking continuous. Video data is often compacted. “Lifestreaming” is becoming a larger part of today’s society. Creating an online record of daily activities and submitting them on the Internet is a way for people to broadcast themselves.

Medvedev and Nurgaliev TANDBERG Tactical MXP

Video player is that software applications used in computer system of entertainment purpose. Some of the popular ones are Realplayer, Windows media player. Video players can review movies, download movies from internet, DVD or CD burner, play music and ect. Video players let users feel more entertained while using a computer.

Windows Media Player This is an all purpose media player that plays audio and video files. Media Players are software programs for playing multimedia files, audio or video on your computer developed by Microsoft. Windows has various types of free downloadable devices you can choose from. You can create your own library of playlists by purchasing music through ITunes and transferring them to a cd. I like purchasing the music because you just buy the songs you really like. These playlists allow you to burn cd’s or watch dvd’s. You can also stream music on your computer (listening) while working on files or documents. I found that out this year when I wanted to listen to music but didn’t have a small radio or cd player. This is a nice feature and I don’t normally use media players. My husband has burned cd’s for our car cd player using this. But you have to be careful because of copyright laws, do not do this to sell music.


QuickTime is an Apple technology for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, and music. It is compatible with MAC and Windows users. QuickTime can also be described as a file format, an environment for media authoring and a suite of applications which include but are limited to the following:

QuickTime Player – is a free download from the Apple website which can be used for basic audio and video files. A number of features are disabled that would be present in the Pro version.

QuickTime Pro – is an upgrade to the QuickTime Player and can be purchased and can be used for flexible multimedia authoring. It also includes full-screen playback, editing clips through the cut, copy and paste functions, merging separate audio and video tracks and the options of cropping and rotation.