The Computer Revolution/Databases/Types of Files

A file can be defined as a collection of data or information. However, the computer treats every file like a single unit. Therefore each file has a filename. For example a file created in word is different from a file created in a wave editing program. There are two types of files. There are Program files and Data Files. Program files, at heart, can be described as files containing software instructions. Program files are then made up by two files called, source program files and executable files. Source program files contain the original form of instructions from the creator. These are then translated in executable files so the processor can interpret them and carry out the function of the file. The Other type of main file is data files. These are basically to hold data. These are not like program files in which they actually carry out a function on the computer. Rather they contain information that is to be acted on by the program files. There are they types of files that make up data files. These are Graphic Files, Audio files and Animation/Video files. Graphic files can easily be thought of, of the pictures you see. Audio Files are the music files you listen to. Animation/Video files are the movies or clips that you watch on your computer.

Copying and Moving Files and FoldersEdit

Copying and moving files and folders is a very easy and simple task to do. It helps you keep your computer organized and helps to keep you folders readily available. The first step to take in order for you to do this is to find the folder that you want to move. Then you highlight (select) the folder and right click to copy or cut the folder. This copies the file to the clipboard. Then you will go to the location where you want to put the file and right click and paste it there. (This is for windows 7).

Deleting Files and FoldersEdit

This task is very useful to keep your computer clean and organized. You might want to delete these files to keep your computer organized or even to get your computer going faster. The first step to take to delete a file or folder is to go to the drive and folder where your file is located. Then you will select that file and drag it to the recycle icon on your desktop. What you can also do is select and press the delete key. This will delete your folder. If you delete a folder it will delete every file in that folder.