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Print Merge – Variable Data Printing Using Corel

This option in Corel Draw allows you to save a lot of time and money It has revolutionized the printing and graphic arts industry. The prime application for variable data printing will be numbering or mail merge. Mail merge can be done using Microsoft word mail merge wizard using an excel sheet with the receivers addresses.

  1. Numbering, an example would be of tickets. Let us assume a customer wants to print tickets like the tickets sold by ticketmaster. They are about 1.5” x 8” with number on two sides of the ticket stub. One part that is torn away and given to the attendee and one for record. If this has to be manually numbered then it would take quite a while and a completely different process, but if the quantity was just 500 the customers pays a lot for numbering that doesn’t quite value the tickets since they will be thrown away anyway.
  2. First layout all the tickets on the page that have to be printed. Calculate the number of sheets required. Example 500 tickets 16 on a sheet and a total print of 32 sheets
  3. The way to do numbering on Corel is to click on print merge.>click new> add new enter values from 1-32 then 32-64 then 64-96 > click “ADD” keep adding all the way until your numbering sets will add to 16(number up on a sheet). Make sure “auto increment” is off then Click >next> You will see a spreadsheet that shows the records click next and save the .txt document in the same folder as the design file.
  4. No click on the pointer tool on the side and click where you want to place the numbering, which will be twice on the ticket, then click on the next set on the tool bar “32-42” and then add it on the ticket.
  5. After you have successfully added all the numbers DO NOT PRINT, first close down other programs as print merge takes a lot of virtual memory, clean the RIP or print queue or the printer and then click >Print Merge> NOT FILE> PRINT