The Computer Revolution/Computer Graphics/Increasing Design Speed

Increasing the speed of designing is not the best idea since excessive usage of the keyboard shortcuts leads to wrist injury and often being faster then the computer( if you are using a slow one i.e) Some examples of increasing the speed in Corel are mentioned below.

  1. Change the keyboard shortcut of "Wireframe view mode" to "Q" this is very important since selecting objects becomes very easier in wireframe mode then the enhanced mode. Moreover it helps you skim out the white objects that you can't really see but exist to do nothing but cause problems.
  2. Try to keep as much of artistic text as possible instead of paragraph text. This is because paragraph text is like mini-Microsoft Word. It has to dealt with carefully moreover the text frame can shorten hiding the text and cut out information moreover you could be accidentally selecting the frame of the text so many times in the course of design then actually needed.
  3. Change the shortcuts of alignment: C to center horizontally, E to center vertically, P to center to page R to align to the r and f to align to the left. This makes aligning everything exactly along something a character away.
  4. Make sure you are using the roller of the mouse for your zooming in and zooming out. It makes it so much easier to zoom into to amend details and then zoom out to the work area, etc.
  5. To duplicate things drag something and right click along with dragging it duplicates the object, holding CTRL will allow you drag along 90 degrees so you dont move the object either horizontally or vertically. After you duplicate the image using the right click hold CTRL and click "d". See what happens it duplicates something exactly along the displacement inch you displaced the original object from.
  6. Use the transformation toll to transform objects multiply by an exact measurement for example 0.25"
  7. Use CTRL A to select everything.
  8. Use find and replace to change a specific colour to something saves a lot of time selecting multiple objects and replacing them multiple times.
  9. If a colour is used very frequently, add it to the common palette. It saves time selecting it through swatches every time

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