The Computer Revolution/Computer Graphics/Corel Draw

Corel Draw is vector design software with bitmap capabilities that enforce Corel Draw to be a design software that encompasses all the necessary tools to print and publish graphic media.

However, since every graphic software specializes in something and has got a user feature that is unique to uses Corel's features are the following:

  1. Imposition options for Printing,
  2. Detailed plate separation options for hexachrome plates and smart plates.
  3. Easy Learning curve, this is evident as print shops like the franchise Minuteman Press use Corel because it is user-friendly for owners to edit and change files as well.
  4. If you optimize the keyboard shortcuts then the speed of designing doubles itself.

There are many more advantages in comparison to other software such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Express, Etc.

Corel Draw does have some cons for example

  1. Duotone separation is faulty.
  2. Lens effects cause postscript errors.
  3. Bitmap effects are prone to errors and Corel crashing rituals.
  4. Moreover Corel Draw does not have the biggest Market share in design software. By far Adobe does. Adobe InDesign.
  5. Corel Draw is not also effective for web-site development and files are erroneous being publishing to HTML files.