The Computer Revolution/Communication/online

Communication online has exploded recently! with the emergence of many different instant messaging services such as MSN messenger and yahhoo Messenger, communication has taken off in a completely different direction in this day an age,, with these instant messeging devices you can talk to any one in the world that has an Internet connection directly and quickly with no cost at all, youths have taken an active interest in this as a way to keep in contact with friends and make plans for the weekend with numerous people at one time. Adults also enjoy this service as they can communicate with distant relatives and friends at no cost at all (provided you have and internet connection).

Also communication sites such as Nexopia and MySpace allow for you to set up your own portfolio and attract friends and set up your account with your likes and dislikes on it, as well as have your friends set up on your site and instant message them as well. This is also a craze with young adults to meet people around the world and create their own online social club! These sites also allow for prospective dating and friendships to occur as you can meet millions of new people at a click of a finger!

Communication has come a long way and the online communication is pushing the limits every day.


Unfortunately, there are negative aspects to online communication such as Cyber bulling. Cyber bullying is a common form of bullying; one which is committed via the Internet. Cyber bulling is most often committed against teenagers and or children, via social networking sites (such as Facebook or MySpace), email, text messages, or any or any other form of online networking. This has become a prevailing problem is the U.S. due to the growth of social network sites and or social media sites. Unfortunately, cyber bulling is said to affect one-half of U.S. teenagers and children.

Communication Forms over the Internet:Edit

There are many different forms of communication over the internet these days besides e-mail. These different forms of communication help people stay connected with each other, or simply to just post a status of what they are doing. Some of these forms of communication include Texting (the main form of communication these days by most individuals) IM, Facebook/Twitter, Skype, or Message sex Board/Online Forum. Texting is form of communication by phone by typing a message and sending it to another cell phone instead of calling the person. IM (Instant Messaging) and Skype are both pretty similar, they allow you to have a conversation via the computer or your cell phone (if your phone has an app for it) by typing a message to people in your “friends list”. Facebook/Twitter are also both pretty similar. Facebook allows you to search for and reconnect with old friends or family members. They also allow you to post a status of what you’re doing or where you are which friends can see and comment on. Message Board/Online Forum is a place where people can post information on a particular topic for others to read and add comments or ideas to. Although these are all great forms of communication, I think people have forgotten the true form of communication, face to face or actually talking the individual.

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