The Computer Revolution/Communication/Information age

The information age became more aware as the development of computers progressed. People initially questioned the idea of computers but soon realized that computers would pave the future of society and the economy. As people became aware of the practical use of computers a few individuals took much needed risks and began to explore the confines generalized of what a computer could and could not do. As computers were exploited new horizons emerged; innovations began to flourish. Ideas of mass storage and world wide communication were soon turned into reality .

As time progressed forward and knowledge of computers was solidified. Simple basic operations were surpassed with an every lying quest for more. The World Wide Web was created and the basic momentum of computers exploded exponentially as millions of people shared idea’s generating new foundations and relationships for every aspect of society as a whole. Not only had the computer become a revolution, it had laid out the very basic blue prints for a revolution of an entire world.