The Computer Revolution/Communication/How communications help with education

Computers have become an essential necessity concerning education in the today’s world. Examples of this would be the use of: power point presentations in classrooms, Blackboard, email, and editing.

May professors use power point presentations to lecture a particular class, its makes it much easier for the professor to teach a subject with power point slides.

Also, the use of the online Blackboard has enabled professors to communicate much more effectively. Students these days are enabled to complete assignments and hand them in online via Blackboard. This makes it more convenient to complete assignments from anywhere; from home, work, or even across the world. The use of email also does the same thing.

Editing assignments has become easier for students because of computers. The use of spell and grammar checkers like in Microsoft Word make editing a lot faster than before. Also, this saves paper and time. The students no longer have to print out rough copies and re-write assignment that require corrections; rather they just edit everything and print out the final copy once all the editing is completed.