The Computer Revolution/Communication/Exterior

Customizing has progressed from the simple replacement of internal components to creating a custom design or alternative case for holding essentials parts. Recently this trend has developed as users try to create a personal environment that exceeds the interior of the computer and surrounds them. Initially starting with the addition of colors produced by the manufactures, people started to add stickers to the PC's exterior tower and along the screen. As more people became aware of the potential of turning a factory PC into a PC which represents them .

The degree of customizing moved farther away from conventional means and more into a science. Stickers became all too common and soon the exterior of the tower was being cut and molded different shapes, these shapes take up different forms such as emblems of certain games or a more machine orientated look. Soon LED lights became more common illuminating glass panels or water driven cooling systems. Followed by the addition composite materials completely replacing the exterior shell resembling alien environments with unique paint schemes.

Companies soon became aware of the creativity that people were investing into their personal computers. Companies such as Alienware soon started to develop unique casings to appeal to the demand of a unique computer that as more than just hardware but also visual as well. As customizing becomes more personal for each person , computers become less uniform and more individual reflecting the persons perception of the ideal computer.

People have become very creative when it comes to the customization of their desktop computers. For example they can install cool light features into the monitor of their computers to provide a cool looking modifications to a customized desktop computer are much more enjoyable when they can be seen, and as a result, case windows have become a common modification. Also, large window panes can be cut into the side of the customized desktop computer, then lined with acrylic glass to allow the lighting effects to shine out. Then there are some computers where the creativity is blown through the roof ad very well done. For example some people install beer taps in them. When it comes to computer customization the sky is the limit.