The Computer Revolution/Artificial Intelligence/Translators

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There are many resources you can use when you need a word translated for you. The internet is always a good source for sites, but if you require one for on the go, you may purchase different types of translator from stores or offline places such as Ebay. When you purchase a translator check and see if the translator you purchased is capable of translating in the language of your choice.



There are pocket translators such as the PDAs, or the Yishen888(Super). There are many options to choose from with the ability to translate multiple languages. These translators can cost at least $100 CDN. The TG470Plus can translate phrses in 12 different languages is around $100 CDN.


Many sites that are able to provide free translation. There are sites such as babelfish, and of course The easiest way to find sites is just to search for translators through any search engine.

Free online multilingual translation software for English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages. This is another great link for translation.


Translators as helpful as they are some obstacles that they need to overcome. When dealing with slang and idioms, translators are unsure of what the saying is really suppose to be so they often choose words that can confuse an origional saying. There is also a problem, that I have encountered, is the grammer from online sites. I have most commonly seen people trusting sites to translate perfectly, but have problems when it comes to the grammer. Hopefully someone can figure out how to overcome these problem so it is easier