The Computer Revolution/Artificial Intelligence/Intelligence Agents

Intelligent agents-programs used to perform certain tasks to help make user’s work setting more effective or entertaining. The program usually runs in a background, and its behavior is based on user’s actions or instructions. Intelligent agents are widely found on Web sites, and are also incorporated into software programs.

Types of intelligent agents are:

-Entertainment bots-their main task is to provide entertainment, in a form of an animated character to play games with or virtual pet to take care of.

-Application assistants-offer assistance or help with specific tasks, some of them can detect when user might have trouble with the program, and they automatically provide appropriate advice.

-Chatterbots- conversation agents, design to simulate an intelligent conversation with human users. Also called chatter robots, usually represented by animated characters.

-Shopping bot-a form of intelligent agent, also referred to as buyer’s agent. Its role is to search online stores to find the most attractive prices and deals.

Intelligent agents will play a significant role in the evolution of the Semantic Web.

Source: “Understanding Computers-Today and Tomorrow”-D. Morley, C. Parker (Chapter 12, pg. 479).