The Computer Revolution/Artificial Intelligence/I dog

  • What is i-dog ?

i-dog is a music robot, which was manufactured by Sega Toys in May, 2005. Similar to the name i-dog, this music robot resembles a dog. In collaboration with Sony and i Pod (MP3 music player) the i-dog was developed. Unlike real dogs, who eat real dog food, the i-dog feeds off by listening to music.

  • How does i-dog work ?

Similar to a dogs characteristics, when people touch his tail he will get angry and when people touch his head, he will be happy.

When you own an i dog, try to feed with music 3 hours every day.

  • Functions of i-dog

When you connect to an MP3 Player or a PC, i-dog can be used as a speaker. The i-dog dances to the music by moving his tail and ears.

As he is growing up, he can mix music and depending on his mood, he can change the music.

Also, depends on what music you are listening, it acts differently. For example, happy songs make his tail moved.

He has some lights on his face which display his mood.

  • Types of i-dog



There are four kinds of i-pup, i-pup hip hop, i-pup rock, i-pup pop and i-pup dance.

-i dog colour

There are 2 kinds of i dog colour

Happy Version which is blue and Lovely Version which is Pink

  • -Batteries

2 AA batteries are required

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