The Computer Revolution/Artificial Intelligence/Around The Home

There are currently a few great products that utilize artificial intelligence for home use. Many monotonous chores can be replaced by such technologies and give the individual more time to pursue other activities.

Robot VacuumEdit

One such product is the robotic vacuum made by IRobot. This vacuum will automatically release itself from itself charging craddle and proceed to automatically vacuum your carpet or hardwood floors. One charge is good for 45min of vacuuming and it will let you know when it needs to be emptied out. A similar product by the same manufacturer will wash your hardwood floors. With the use of sensors and infrared tracking beams it will avoid carpets and will cover a 12 foot by 12 foot kitchen in 45 min. There is also an industrial version of this used in warehouses and industry shops. Needless to say that this is just a sure sign of great things to come with the implementation of AI being used to make jobs easier.


RoboMower® is as the name implies. It is a robotic lawn mower that actually does the mowing for you. The charger station is also set up so that your mower is charged. This mower comes supplied with a wires and pegs and a charger station. Set up your charger station to make sure your mower is powered up and ready to go. Next, you lay the wire and pegs around the perimeter of your lawn. Sensors in the mower make sure the mower does not but your neighbors lawn as well. The idea is that the wire sinks into the lawn and becomes unnoticable. The Romomower crisscrosses the lawn to make sure the whole lawn is as short as you like it. All you need to do next is set the schedule of operation (which can be rescheduled any time) and let your dog chase it around all summer long (not recommended for safety reasons though).

Reference: January 16, 2007

Robo petsEdit

Another application of Artificial Intelligence around the home can be found in the increasing number of "Robo pets" that are being marketed to a market segment in search of a low maintenance relationship. While this sector is still in the earliest stages of development, some of these toys, like Tamagotchis(little egg-shaped virtual pets that require constant care and nurturing in order to be kept alive), have had a great success. Another example is the AIBO dog developed by Sony a few years ago having seeing eyes and stereo ears. It has programmed emotions and can recognize words as it "grows". Researchers are now trying to develop a pet prototype that would be sensitive to human emotions.