The Computer Revolution/Artificial Intelligence/ASIMO

  • What is ASIMO?

ASIMO is a humanoid robot which can simulate the motions of the human body. ASIMO is designed by the Honda corporation and has been under development since 1986. ASIMO initially started off as a set of legs to simulate walking and since than has come under change into a complete robot with legs, a core unit, arms and head.

  • How ASIMO moves

ASIMO moves through the use of a Prediction Movement Control system. This system allows ASIMO to anticipate its next step and even shifts its center of gravity to maintain balance; these adjustments can all occur within real time. Although ASIMO’s legs are important, they are not the only part which enables ASIMO to move dynamically. The hips which ASIMO uses are specially designed to flex for quick adjustments in movements.

  • Other functions of ASIMO

Other functions of ASIMO include climbing stairs, face recognition, voice recognition and the ability to grasp objects. All of these functions have been developed over years of modification to ASIMO. The current development is the ability for ASIMO to run and maintain balance. Even though the pace of the run is quite slow compared to a person, ASIMO can run at a pace of 5.9 miles per hour.

  • The future of ASIMO

The future of ASIMO is further development into complete dynamic movements along with prolonged battery life. ASIMO is expected within the next thirty to forty years to be released to the public for everyday use and assistance. Already ASIMO has been incorporated into specific companies and museums as greeters, and has made its way over into North, where it currently is involved in a fifteen-minute show that introduces ASIMO to people and the benefits of ASIMO’s capabilities.