The Computer Revolution/Application Software

Application Software We all have some type of application software installed on our computers. Most of us don't even realize that these programs are called application software. Any program that enables you to do some specific task is considered application software. These tasks can range from writing an essay for an English class, playing games on your computer or creating spreadsheets and Power Point presentations. Application software can be considered commercial, shareware, freeware or public domain software (which are all defined in different sections of this wikibook). A program like Microsoft Word, is type of application software called word processing software. Microsoft Excel is a type of spreadsheet application software. Microsoft Access is considered a type of database application software and Microsoft Power Point is a presentation graphics application software. When all of these types of programs are bundled together, it's referred to as a software suite. An example of one of these is Microsoft Office Professional 2007, which includes all 4 programs listed above. Application software is not limited to the types of programs listed above. It can include the programs that enable you to listen to music on your computer and view web pages.

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Application software dedicates itself to specific tasks. There are different types of application software: Word Processing Software: This type of software allows users to create or edit documents; examples of these are MS word and Notepad. Database Software: This software enables users to have a structured collection of data, like Oracle and MS Access. Spreadsheet Software: This software allows users to create spreadsheet containing mathematical calculations or formulas, like Excel. Multimedia Software: Application Software like Media player or Real player allows users create or edit music/video files. Presentation Software: This software allows users to create and edit presentations, and users are can also present slideshows, most commonly known is MS PowerPoint.

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