The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Tithing

Church members are expected to pay 10% of all income to the church. This money goes to building temples and meeting houses, as well as funding disaster relief projects and various charities. No members of the church receive payment unless they are hired to do something such as landscaping, canning goods, of other maintenance tasks. Even the Prophet of this church does not receive payment as the President of this organization.

The members are told essentially that while it is not detrimental to their afterlife to stop paying tithes or to not have payed them they will be forfeiting any blessings that come from paying tithes. The rumors that members will be cast into Hell if they do not pay is unfounded according to the Presidency of the church, though members are asked if they pay their tithes during temple recommend interviews. If they have not payed they may not be issued a temple recommend, effectively barring them from entering a temple outside of open houses and other similar events. They can however be interviewed again at any time.