The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Scriptures

The followers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints profess to believe in four "complementary books of scripture." These are as follows: The Holy Bible (specifically the King James Version, though they believe some small errors were made in translation- such as the omission of the words shall or thee in a few verses), The Book of Mormon ( a book they believe to be the records of early American civilizations and their interactions with each other and Jesus Christ), The Pearl of Great Price (a record of the early history of their church, and a few books of scripture they believe to be written by Abraham and Moses), and The Doctrine and Covenants (another history of their early church, along with various "revelations" their prophets have claimed to have received from God). These scriptures are all considered to have equal weight, though the Bible and the Book of Mormon are the two most frequently taught and used books in their faith. Along with this, Latter-Day Saints believe that everyone has the opportunity to receive revelations from God as a sort of "personal scripture". For this reason, scriptures are not believed to be "set in stone" and it is believed that more scripture will be revealed at a later time.