The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/Prophets and Apostles

Prophets (a.k.a. Presidents of the Church) are the leader and communication line for the church with Christ. Their have been 17 over the years, between 1830-2019

  1. Joseph Smith Jr. 1830-1844: Often known for restoring the church, see the page on him for info
  2. Brigham Young 1844-1877: This prophet helped moved the Latter Day Saints west to Utah and area
  3. John Taylor 1877-1887: Helped colonize Utah, was in Carthage when Joseph Smith was shot.
  4. Wilford Woodruff 1887-1898: Ended Polygamy
  5. Lorenzo Snow 1898-1901: Placed much emphasis on tithing
  6. Joseph F. Smith 1901-1918: Led Saints through World War One, Joseph Smith’s nephew, and the last prophet to know Joseph Smith
  7. Heber J. Grant 1918-1945: Led church though much hardship between the wars and WWII
  8. George Albert Smith 1945-1951
  9. David O. McKay 1951-1970
  10. Joseph Fielding Smith 1970-1971
  11. Harold B. Lee 1971-1973
  12. Spencer W. Kimball 1973-1985: Made church meetings a three hour block
  13. Ezra Taft Benson 1985-1994
  14. Howard W. Hunter 1994-1995
  15. Gordon B. Hinckley 1995-2008: Released The Living Christ and The Family: A Proclamation to the World
  16. Thomas S. Monson 2008-2018: Changed the missionary age
  17. Russel M. Nelson 2018-Present: Changed structure of the church, placed emphasis on the church’s true name[1]