The American School

This book is the result work by undergraduate students in an introductory course labeled The American School offered at Northern Michigan University. The focus of the course was to engage non-educators in authentic discussions about American schooling. Our goal for the project was to develop a means to facilitate thought and reflection on what schools are for. The undergraduates involved in this project chose topics of interest to them and related to them to a school environment. They viewed the topics as members of the community who would like to support and question what schools do. These papers led to the formation of school mission and goal statements used to engage current and former principals and superintendents in a discussion on the “ideal” school environment. The work presented in writing and in the final presentations went through the peer review process. We encourage you to comment on the topics these undergraduates chose to research and present. Any additions to what the American school is or has to offer will only further help to facilitate our ongoing discussion of how the public can help shape our educational system.

Table of ContentsEdit

  1. The Role of Education in a Democratic Society
  2. The Cultural Diversity of our Society and the Implications for Education
  3. Cultural Differences in Schools
  4. Public vs. Private Schools
  5. Charter vs. Public Schools
  6. Controversial Issues in America's Schools: Sex Education
  7. The Forces That Shape Curricula
  8. Sports in Public and Private Schools
  9. The Role of Media in Education
  10. Complexity and Controversy Surrounding The No Child Left Behind Act