Uses, Limitations and Options edit

Uses edit

Template name:Textontop

Makes a two celled invisible table with the Table of Contents on the left, (TOC), and the introductory text of the page on the right.

See the example on the top of the page Adjusting Brakes, where an image has been included with the text.

It allows text to be written from the very top line, level with the top of the Table of Contents. It saves space and looks better than the large expanse of white space which usually exists to the right of the TOC.

Because the TOC text can vary in length and because the TOC has its own internal sizing algorithm, a widthleft option is provided to adjust the width of the TOC cell, the leftmost cell, if necessary.

The text alignment is set as an option and has a default of left. The text options include padding.

Limitations edit

Note that Wikitext heading code,(===), sometimes causes problems in table cells, so when it happens use the HTML heading style instead. e.g. <h3></h3>. If after adjustment of text the next page heading looks a bit far down the page, just add a zero padding style to the leading HTML heading tag like this:

<h3 style="padding-top:0px;">Heading Text Here</h3>

Options edit

Horizontal alignment for text. Default;left. Options;left,right,center, and justify.
Background color, default transparent.
perimeter border, default none. format in sequence border=thickness type color
Text cell padding. Default 10px.
TOC cell padding. Default 10px
width of the leftmost table cell, with the Table of Contents, (TOC).Default 200px.