Main page:{{{1}}}
Provide multiple links in a CSV line or lines of such.
  • If two or more links are passed the message begins with ''Main pages:
  • The parameter 'bare' when and if defined suppresses the prefixed ''Main pages:
  • AND the auto-indentation of the line (':') as well as the italicization of the body of the CSL.
  • prefixing instead a single space character, so a editor can prefix as she likes and use the list in line in a continued text phrase.
  • 'bare mode' instead provides both a 'prefix' and 'suffix' parameter ahead and behind the text/link CSV stream, so an additional format mode can then be incorporated such as <small> tags, bolding or italics, or even html (inside the default span wrapper).
  • The span wrapper can be given a style in addition to the built in Font-face (FF), Font-size (FS) and Line-height (LH) parameters using |style=. The actual span declaration follows:
<span class="noprint" style="{{{style|}}}; font-face:{{{FF|Garamond}}}; line-height:{{{LH|85%}}}; font-size:{{{FS|90%}}};>.