This template links to a section title or anchor of the Trainz/references/Notations page, which is arranged alphabetically into sub-sections organized by spans of titles beginning with the letter ranges (e.g. Aa—Bz) similar to the headings of references like encyclopedias, phonebooks or dictionary.



The template is used as a convenient link-creating (term explaning) to keep the page count down. This aids in the composition of concise text without the bother of slowing down to ensure the reader understands the terminology or base meaning of a colloquial or special term.

Any Terminology short, railroading term or Trainz acronym describable in less than a paragraph
The similar template {{TG}} links to the Trainz/Glossary with the exact same command syntax described next below, but is by contrast to be used for longer text explanations of up to a screenful. (see Camera for an example) can thus be linked without disturbing the main flow of the current page's text, yet provide that term explanation globally within the work (book).
  1. NORMAL CASE: Give two arguments to the template as parameters such as
    {{TN|A|ALCO}} or {{TG|a|ALCO}}.
    1. The link will display as ALCO and link to an {{anchor}} 'C' which is a hidden page section title.
    2. For ease of application, the Glossary is sub-divided into sections by ranges of letters as noted above.
    3. The template in this mode will place the reader clicking the link at the body of the section just at the location after the {{anchor}} text position.
    4. If a section gets too long for the reader to navigate easily to a topic lower down, the Glossary may be further sub-divided and the anchors adjusted, including use of multiple letter combinations (CM, CMP, DCC, etc.).


Actual code is
In the resulting concatenation shown below, the second {{{1}}} parameter is the default display string.