This template is used inside a category declaration to convert a TrainzOnline category declaration to a Wikibook equivalent—which is to say prefixing the title—and if a page is ported to the TrainzOnline wiki, the analogous template there does not perform the operation, maintaining the status quo ante.

  • This operation is prefixing 'Trainz+space' to the N3V wiki category name.

example: To convert [[Category:Asset Kind]] to a Wikibook NAMCON category, use: [[Category:{{TCATconv}}Asset Kind]] which will build [[Category:Trainz Asset Kind]], AND if ported back to the TrainzOnline Wiki the complementary template will insert a null code, so act like it never occurred inline.

The code action: Trainz (note the trailing space—the displayed portion highlighted is the actual code action of the template.)

  • The implementation of the corresponding TrainzOnline version corresponds to the action of the {{void}} template, just making the template so much vaporware.