This template indicates that the page needs additional references. Many editors understand this template to be redundant when it is used on pages clearly marked as stubs.

Usage edit

The first unnamed parameter will replace the words "section or page" in the template and is not required. The most common usage of this is to use one word or the other, e.g. {{Refimprove|section}} to indicate that only the section is affected by the tagged problem.

A |talk= parameter is allowed; setting this to any value will result in the message "See talk page for details." being included in the tag.

Listed below are two options for usage.


Differences from related templates edit

General advantage edit

  • The naming scheme of Refimprove parallels that used for {{Reflist}}, thereby reducing confusion, in compliance with the KISS principle.
  • Refimprove is easy to use.

Differences from {{Unreferenced}} edit

  • Refimprove uses simple, general wording so that the template can be used any time referencing in an article needs improvement.
  • There is also a {{Refimprove|section}} and the normal variations.

Differences from {{Citation needed}} edit

  • Refimprove works for general and inline references whereas {{Citation needed}} is used for specific controversial statements requiring referencing.
  • Unlike {{Citation needed}}, Refimprove places a very conspicuous banner on the page.

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