Template:Quality mask/doc/custom

This template subpage contains a mask which normalizes the input passed to |quality=. This can be thought of as the 'default' mask, but it is possible for banners to define their own individual masks with wider or fewer choices of acceptable inputs.

If the page corresponding to {{{BANNER_NAME}}}/quality exists and QUALITY_SCALE=subpage is set in the banner, then control is passed to the code on that page to normalize the input, and no modification is performed by the WPBannerMeta itself. The following parameter is available to be used:

  • |quality=

Some caveats:

Any alternative mask needs to be carefully designed to handle all inputs correctly, with care given to case-insentivity, etc.


Please do not just copy the contents of this subpage to create a custom mask. If the banner does not need to have a significantly different handling of the |quality= inputs, then leave the default mask in place.


The following code accepts only the standard assessment scale with a few extras:

 |fb       = FB
 |a        = A
 |b        = B
 |c        = C
 |start    = Start
 |stub     = Stub
 |template = Template
 |subject  = Subject
 |category = Category
 |project  = Project

An example using all classifications and namespace detection:

{{#switch: {{lc:{{{quality}}}}}
 |fb   = FB
 |a    = A
 |b    = B
 |c    = C
 |start= Start
 |stub = Stub
 |nb                   = NB
 |category|cat|categ   = Category
 |template|temp|templ  = Template
 |project              = Project
  |Category talk       = Category
  |Wikibooks talk      = Project
  |Subject talk        = Subject
  |Template talk       = Template

Generic self-documentationEdit

A minor problem with the examples above is that someone clicking the link from the banner template to see the custom mask will be presented with a blank page (you have to edit the page to see there's actually code). A simple solution is to add a local wrapper to your code, replacing the basic structure:

{{#switch: {{lc:{{{quality}}}}}



with this one:

<noinclude>:''[[Template:WPBannerMeta#Custom masks|Custom mask]]
used by {{tl|{{BASEPAGENAME}}}}:''
<pre></noinclude>{{#switch: {{lc:{{{quality}}}}}