Template:Priority scale/doc

Usage instructionsEdit

  • The code below is for customizing the template for a specific WikiProject. The Top, NB, and Unknown parameters are optional, and will default to generic examples if left blank.
    • Specifying the topic parameter will link the priority labels to the appropriate priority category in the given project in the format "X-priority topic pages".
    • impn - allows a different name for the priority scale (e.g. importance). If not specified, then "priority" will be used.
  • Copy and paste:
Regular Full Override
{{priority scale
|topic     = 
|High_text = 
|Mid_text  = 
|Low_text  = 
{{priority scale
|topic        = 
|impn         =
|Top_text     = 
|High_text    = 
|Mid_text     = 
|Low_text     = 
|NB_text      = 
|Unknown_text =