Points to ponder
This line is replaced by your input to arg1 ({{{1}}}) in the lightened font color (#232323) shown at the default font size of 9pt in the default font face:"Trebuchet MS".

Adds a sidebar box with Rodin's Thinker sculpture as a teaser image.

The template presents the placeholder pass parameter {{{1}}} inside it's box.

Optional parameters

The following UPPERCASE parameters act as overrides, if defined, for the templates default definitions:

  • ALT— Alternative header title to default: 'Points to ponder'
  • B — border directive
  • BG— background color, default is #F9F9E9
  • CLR — the HTML clear parameter, default is right, so will nest under other right floated elements & allow text to wrap around it on it's left.
  • CO  —Font Color of text passed to template
  • F   —float directive, defaults right edge.
  • FF, FS —Font Face and Font Size respectively, defaults are "Trebuchet MS" at 9pt.
  • M  —margin directive
  • P  —padding directive
  • OTHER —a named parameter to pass a style parameter that is not otherwise covered.
  • W  —width directive, default is narrowish 250px


code peek
<div style="width: {{{W|250}}}px; background-color: {{{BG|#F9F9E9}}}; border: {{{B|1px solid #AAAAAA}}};
 float: {{{F|right}}}; clear: {{{CLR|right}}}; margin: {{{M|1em 0 1em 1em}}};
 padding: {{{P|4px}}}; {{{OTHER|}}};">
 [[Image:Auguste Rodin - Grubleren 2005-03.jpg|left|40px]]
 <font face={{{FF|"Trebuchet MS"}}} color="#232323" style="font-size:{{{FS|9pt}}};">'''<u>
 {{{ALT|Points to ponder}}}</u>'''<br /><font color={{{CO|"#454545"}}}>
 {{{1|This line ... "Trebuchet MS".}}}</font></font>