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Template:Navlist/Transcluded section

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This template generates a section heading (as by ==title==), with either no edit link, or an edit link that causes a specified page to be edited; and optionally with an additional [help] link immediately to the left of the edit link.

Four optional parameters may be provided; any of them may be omitted, but at least either {{{1}}} or {{{edit}}} must be non-blank.

  • Parameter {{{1}}} is the title of the section. If it is omitted, the part of parameter {{{edit}}} after the last slash (as provided by {{Navlist/Subpagename}}) is used instead.
  • Parameter {{{level}}} may have value subsection or subsubsection, causing the apparent heading to be one or two levels deeper (that is, level=subsection emulates ===title===, level=subsubsection emulates ====title====).
  • Parameter {{{edit}}} is a page to be edited by the edit link. If it is omitted, no edit link is generated.
  • Parameter {{{help}}} is a page to be linked to by a [help] link just to the left of the edit link.

Some examples (see note on editing):

{{Template:Navlist/Transcluded section|Alternative title|edit=Wikibooks:Sandbox|help=Help:Templates}}

[help] [edit] Alternative title

{{Template:Navlist/Transcluded section|level=subsection|edit=Wikibooks:Sandbox|help=Help:Templates}}

[help] [edit] Wikibooks:Sandbox

{{Template:Navlist/Transcluded section|level=subsubsection|edit=Wikibooks:Sandbox|help=Help:Templates}}

[help] [edit] Wikibooks:Sandbox