Template:Japanese/Verb style

style="background-color: "

This was originally created to standardise the colours on the Japanese/Verb conjugation table, but may have applications elsewhere. The usage is simple.

{{Japanese verb style|<verb form>|<text to be coloured>}}

where <verb form> is one of:

  • plain past positive
  • plain past negative
  • plain present positive
  • plain present negative
  • plain imperative
  • plain te
  • plain volitional
  • polite past positive
  • polite past negative
  • polite present positive
  • polite present negative
  • polite imperative
  • polite te
  • polite volitional
  • tari
  • subjunctive
  • conditional
  • provisional
  • passive
  • causative
  • potential

By omitting the second argument, the template adds markup that will colour a cell in a table.

| {{Japanese verb style|<verb form>}} | <text to be coloured>