This template italicizes any common type of link made within wikimarkup. It will take a second placeholder parameter and use it as a pretty-print output string instead of any possibly unsightly full text url.

  • It will detect ftp and url (http & https) based link arguments and branch to apropos handling code. These are still output with a trailing link marker as if formed using [ ... ] direct link formation.
  • Wikilinks form similar pretty-print links using a second parameter: [[{{{1}}}|{{{2|{{{1}}}}}}]]
  • The strength of this template is that can take any sort of link and italicize the output.
  • Use of this template over ''[[ arg1 | pretty-arg2 ]]'' inline is NOT recommended.

See also
{{Plain link}} - will similarly form cleaner external links with a second pretty-parameter,