Comment Icons
yes Yes
done Done
no No
not done Not done
maybe Maybe
keep Keep
delete Delete
support Support
unsupport Unsupport
oppose Oppose
satoppose Oversaturated oppose
neutral Neutral
abstain Abstain
merge Merge
redirect Redirect
transwiki Transwiki
move Move
split Split
hold Hold on
agree I agree because
disagree I disagree because
opinion Opinion
info FYI:
comment Comment
comment2 Comment
possible Possible
question Question
love I love it
wtf WTF?
yea Awesome

Usage instructions (remember to subst: the template - it won't work if not subst:ed):

  1. {{subst:Icon|option}} places an image and some bolded text, according to the table on the right
  2. {{subst:Icon|option|text}} replaces the bolded text with the supplied text.