What does this template do? Edit

This template generates links to the documentation of library modules. For example, if you talk about Control.Monad and want the text to be a proper link to the latest haddocks, this template is for you.

The links point to the library documentation on Hackage. You have to specify the exact version of a package. The default is package=base|version= Short forms are allowed, i.e. p=base|v= Exception: in the special case of the Prelude, it will link to the language standard.

Arguably, automatic syntax coloring and hyperlinking of Haskell source code should obsolete this template.

Usage Edit

source result
{{Haskell lib|Control|Monad}} Control.Monad from the base-package.
{{Haskell lib|p=mtl|v=|Control|Monad|State}} Control.Monad.State from the version of the mtl-package.
{{Haskell lib|Prelude}} Prelude from the language standard.

Currently, the module name may be only 5 levels deep, but that's easy to change.